Educate Your Fleet on Electrification Funding

February 16, 2022

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While there are still some questions surrounding fleet electrification, more and more case studies are showing that this evolving clean technology can be applied to several types of on-road fleets. But, in many cases, questions on how to fund these projects are top of mind.

The passage of zero-emission regulations for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in states such as California, Oregon, New York, and others has caused many fleets to start looking towards electric vehicles to comply with the adoption of these rules. In an effort to assist fleets with their electrification plans, Shell Recharge Solutions, previously Greenlots, Penske, and GNA are hosting an upcoming webinar that will offer a look into how these new regulations will impact medium- and heavy-duty fleet operations across industries, and how fleets can keep a competitive edge through the use of incentive programs.

“This is an exciting time to unlock the benefits that fleet electrification has to offer,” said Josh Cohen, director, policy at Shell Recharge Solutions and one of the webinar’s speakers. “State policy commitments are driving the market forward, and state incentives are making the economics of fleet electrification more feasible. This webinar will provide attendees with some examples of what has worked and what to consider when electrifying a fleet.”

On Wednesday March 2, at 9:30am PST, join this team of experts as they discuss:

  • Clean truck and fleet regulations — what the mandates mean
  • How fleets are complying with zero-emission regulations
  • The upcoming EnergIIZE program set to go live in California in Q1 2022
  • How to navigate through government incentive programs created for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Fleet customer success with similar government incentive programs

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