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Aurora Innovation, Uber Freight Launch Driverless Program

June 25, 2024Uber Freight and Aurora Innovation are launching a program aimed at providing carriers with early access to over a billion miles of driverless deliveries.

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Image: Kodiak Robotics

Artur Express to Run 100 Kodiak Self-Driving Sleeper Trucks

June 24, 2024Artur Express plans to operate 100 sleeper trucks with Kodiak Robotics’ self-driving truck technology installed in a partnership between the companies, they said.

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Image: QCD

Electric Trucks a Fit for Innovator Blanchette at QCD

June 24, 2024When you’re in charge of continuous improvement at a trucking fleet, sustainability is part of that. But at Quality Custom Distribution, Shane Blanchette has been taking it to the next level.

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Image: Daimler

Fuel Cell Trucks: Is Liquid Hydrogen the Way to Go?

June 20, 2024The battle for electric truck range supremacy is heating up — or should we say cooling down? A liquid hydrogen fuel system now in fleet trials in Germany boasts a range of 650 miles at a gross weight of 80,000 pound and a payload of about 45,000 pounds.

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Key EV Battery Material Can Come From Methane

June 20, 2024Oakland-based startup Molten Industries is working to build it by relying on something that’s cheap and abundant in the U.S.: natural gas. The company has developed a specialized technique to break methane into graphite and hydrogen, the latter of which can be used as a source of clean energy.

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A Waste-Oil Crunch Is Coming for Renewable Fuel

June 18, 2024The world’s renewable fuelmakers are about to face a crunch in one of the most basic building blocks they need to be profitable: sufficient supply of waste oil.

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Image: PERC

Latest EPA Funding Round Supports 269 Propane Autogas School Buses

June 18, 2024In the third round of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean School Bus Program funding, more than $6.7 million has been allocated for the purchase of propane autogas buses. Fifty-eight districts have been tentatively selected to receive a total of 269 propane autogas school buses to replace older diesel buses.

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The $25,000 Electric Car Is Coming to US Soon

June 17, 2024The $25,000 economy electric car is the industry’s new target, and a number of models are set to hit the road within a year.

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Image: Navistar

Electric School Buses, Microgrids Support Community Resilience

June 17, 2024Incorporating microgrids can be effective for school bus electrification because it introduces grid resiliency for both a school district and the wider community, a Thursday webinar discussed.

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red Tesla Model S

Image: Tesla

Tesla Driver Tells Police He Was Using ‘Self-Drive’ in Crash

June 14, 2024A Tesla apparently operating on one of the company’s automated driving systems crashed into a parked police vehicle June 13 near Los Angeles, narrowly missing an officer who was managing traffic at another crash.

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Red ICE and Blue: The Hunt for a Hydrogen Truck Engine Part 1

June 14, 2024At a glance, hydrogen seems like the perfect fuel for a modern, transportation-dependent society threatened by climate change.

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Blue container trucks arranged in line. 3D rendering image.

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ETruck Sees Hybrid Converted Semis Arriving by End of 2024

June 13, 2024ETruck Transportation expects to begin producing powertrains that turn Class 8 diesel trucks into hybrid battery-electric vehicles by the end of 2024, according to a senior executive.

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Eaton Expands U.S. Industry Education to Accelerate Fleet Electrification

June 13, 2024Hands-on programs at Eaton training centers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas demonstrate novel approaches to accelerate fleet electrification.

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Image: Castrol

An Oil and Lubricant Solution that Increases Fleet Sustainability

June 12, 2024Castrol’s re-refined oil products help fleets’ sustainability efforts and lowers company’s carbon footprint.

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Pioneer Receives $7.1 Million e-Boost Mobile Order from School District

June 12, 2024Pioneer Power Solutions Inc. has received an order from one of the largest public school districts in the United States for 25 e-Boost Mobile units to power the school district’s electric school bus (ESB) fleet.

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Engine Technology Forum Calls for Revised Renewable Fuel Standards

June 11, 2024The Environmental Protection Agency’s renewable fuel standards are “out of touch with current conditions” and a missed opportunity to make progress on climate goals now, says Allen Schaeffer of the Engine Technology Forum.

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