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Image: Proterra

One Million Electric Miles: Thomas Built Buses and Proterra Reach Major Milestone for Electric School Buses

February 23, 2023With more than 300 electric school buses on the road, today’s announcement represents a major operational milestone just as historic federal funding becomes available to drive adoption of zero-emission school buses in the U.S.

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Nikola silver cabover battery-electric truck parked at a port

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Nikola to integrate PlusDrive’s Advanced Safety System Into ZE Trucks

February 23, 2023The Level 4 autonomous system, designed to assist commercial drivers on- and off-highway, would be factory-installed in Nikola’s EV and FCEV Class 8 trucks, which the OEM plans for 2024.

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Report: More Than 5,000 e-Buses Now on U.S. Streets

February 21, 2023A new report found that there are some 5,480 full-size zero-emission buses in operation in the U.S., an increase of 66% since 2021.

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Image: Renault

EU: Trucks Must Cut CO2 Emissions 90% by 2040

February 21, 2023The European Union may give heavy vehicles a little more time to meet strict carbon-dioxide emissions goals than the deadline for cars.

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red Tesla Model S

Image: Tesla

Tesla Recalls More Than 362,000 Cars Due to Self-Driving Crash Risk

February 20, 2023The system “may allow the vehicle to act unsafe around intersections,” including traveling straight through an intersection from a turn lane and proceeding through steady-yellow traffic lights, according to a Feb. 16 filing.

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Image: Mack

Mack Adds EV Charging Vendors to its Fleet Electrification Solutions

February 20, 2023Mack LR electric customers would have fixed and mobile EV chargers to choose from in a new partnership with Heliox and Gilbarco.

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Image: Cummins

Cummins Reveals X10 Fuel-Agnostic Engine for 2026

February 14, 2023The fuel-agnostic internal combustion engine will replace its current X engine lineup to meet the EPA’s 2027 emissions regulations.

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Are Plug-In Hybrids the Next Dieselgate?

February 14, 2023A recent study indicates that the real-world emissions of some PHEVs may be much higher than advertised — shades of Dieselgate, aka the Dirty Diesel Debacle, a scheme under which automakers conspired to defraud auto buyers and regulators.

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Advanced Clean Fleets

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GOP Senators Seek to Overturn EPA’s New Truck Emissions Standards

February 13, 2023The resolution, backed by 34 Senate Republicans, challenges the Environmental Protection Agency’s more stringent regulations on heavy-duty vehicle emissions. The bill’s lead sponsor says the EPA’s rules will just keep older equipment on the road longer.

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Republican Policymakers Spotlight Autonomous Vehicles’ Benefits

February 13, 2023Approving a regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles would facilitate the technology’s adoption throughout the national transportation landscape, top Republicans on a U.S. House committee indicated this month.

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Neste, Scania Pilot Digital Solution to Track Renewable Fuel Use

February 10, 2023Neste and Scania are piloting a digital solution that enables easy follow-up and verification of each truck’s usage of renewable fuels.

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Clean School Bus Program

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California District Talks Positives, Challenges of Electric School Buses

February 9, 2023School districts that won first-round Clean School Bus Program funds have largely placed their purchase orders with some only now turning their attention to the necessary infrastructure to power the vehicles.

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FHWA to Start Funding Program to Lower Truck Emissions at Ports

February 9, 2023The Federal Highway Administration soon will open fiscal 2022-2023 grant applications for its new Reduction of Truck Emissions at Port Facilities program, according to a Feb. 8 announcement by the Department of Transportation.

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autonomous Class 8 trucks and trailer

Image: DTNA

Electric, Autonomous Trucks Hold Promise, Executives Say

February 8, 2023Autonomous and electric-powered trucks hold great potential to improve safety and efficiency in the freight transportation sector, but it will take time for these emerging technologies to overcome various market challenges and achieve widespread commercialization, industry executives said.

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Wooden blocks with symbol of esg concept on blue background

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Why Fleets Should Care about ESG

February 7, 2023Shippers’ emissions concerns and focus on ESG—environmental, social, and governance—are not going away. As the SEC mulls over possible emissions reporting requirements, now is the best time for fleets to focus on reducing their carbon footprint.

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President Biden plans to fund clean transportation.

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America, Meet Biden’s Climate Bill

February 6, 2023Biden, the first U.S. president who can rightfully claim a massive legislative victory to combat climate change, used his State of the Union address to launch a likely reelection campaign that will feature remarkable changes to the nation’s energy and transportation systems stemming from the Inflation Reduction Act and its $370 billion in climate spending.

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