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ESL Power Systems, Inc.

About ESL Power Systems, Inc.

ESL is a leader in the design and manufacturing of safe electrical equipment, including electrical devices for intermodal (port terminal), emergency power, and shore power applications. ESL’s newest product for truck-trailer shore power, the eTRUconnect® provides 480VAC utility power to docked or parked refrigerated trucks, eliminating emissions while the truck is loading/unloading. ESL's truck-trailer shore power is designed for use in distribution centers, warehouses and truck stops.

Corporate Headquarters

2800 Palisades Dr.
Corona, CA 92878

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ESL's eTRUconnect - Refrigerated Truck-trailer Shore Power

ESL utilizes standard IEC configuration that is compatible with most OEM equipment without adopting expensive proprietary connectors.


30A 480VAC eTRUconnect PS Series Refrigerated Truck/Trailer Shore Power Station

UL Listed 1-gang power station for energizing refrigerated truck/trailers, complete with safety-interlocked module and custom length power cord (5’ increments)

30A 480VAC Shore Power Truck Mount Inlet

ESL’s Truck-trailer kit allows the user to connect to the back-end of the electric refrigerated truck trailers instead of the refrigeration unit.