Diana Fox

Executive Director

Diana Fox is Executive Director of Reach Out, a nonprofit organization that addresses health equity across the spectrum, driving crucial change through both policy and direct services in the Inland Region of California. Serving over 35,000 people each year, the 50-year history of transformational, effective and innovative action has garnered trust and recognition from the communities Reach Out serves.  Diana’s focus is on creating improved health, equity, and economic mobility for all Inland Empire residents so that everyone can experience success in strengthening their lives and their communities.

Diana was selected Woman of the Year for the CA State Legislature, 61st District in 2006; in 2007 received the “Advancing the Status of Women” award from Soroptimist; in 2009 received the Community Foundation “Executive Director of the Year” for the Inland Empire; in 2014, received the Overall Leadership Award from The Sun Newspaper; and in 2017, again received Executive Director of the Year for the Inland Empire and recognition of leadership in environmental justice communities from South Coast AQMD.