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PDC Machines, Inc,

About PDC Machines, Inc,

PDC Machines excels in compression and fueling station solutions. First, we are the #1 supplier of COMPRESSORS for the car (LD), bus (MD/HD) and forklift (MHE) fueling market with >520 compressor installations worldwide. Second, SIMPLEFUEL™ is a production, compression, storage and dispensing solution for ambient temp fills. Smaller than a car, it enables hydrogen where not available. Third, HRS solutions include compression, storage, chilling, dispensing, controls, and safety functionality

Corporate Headquarters

1875 Stout Drive
Warminster, PA 18974

Featured Video

An Overview of PDC Machines Services to the Hydrogen industry

This video describes PDC Machines engineering and manufacturing capabilities in providing hydrogen compression systems, packaging hydrogen refueling systems and an introduction to its SimpleFuel™. An on-site hydrogen generation and dispensing appliance.


SimpleFuel™: Your On-site Hydrogen Fueling Solution

SimpleFuel™ is an all-in-one on-site hydrogen
generation and dispensing solution. SimpleFuel™ uses water and electricity to generate high purity hydrogen, compress, store and dispense to 350 or 700 bar.

SimpleFuel™: Ideal for Warehouse Operations

SimpleFuel™ quickly installs in the footprint of a parking space. SimpleFuel™supports a fleet of forklift trucks. trucks. With production up to 20 kg/day, SimpleFuel™ can provide about 20 shifts of forklift truck operation.

SimpleFuel™: Ideal for Small Fleet Operations

SimpleFuel™supports small fleets of light duty vehicles. With production up to 20 kg/day, SimpleFuel™ can provide up to 1200 miles of range to on-road passenger vehicles.

Hydrogen Diaphragm Compressors for Alternative Energy Applications

PDC specializes in providing complete solutions for alternative energy applications. We are the #1 supplier of hydrogen compressors for automobiles, bus and material handling fueling market with over 520 compressor installations worldwide and still counting.

Diaphragm Compressors from Single Sites to Full Scale Commerical operations

We offer an extensive line of compressors to meet an array of applications from single sites to full scale commercial H2 refueling stations. Discharge pressures range from 3.4 bar to 1000 bar, power consumption from 2 Kw to 150 kW and typical flow rates based on compression ratio to 500 Nm3/hr.

Diaphragm Compressors for Compressing Hydrogen in an Ultra-Pure State

PDC Machines’ diaphragm compressors are ideal for contamination-free and leak-tight compression of all types of gases. We can provide a basic unit for packaging by our customers or custom-designed compressors with a comprehensive assortment of options to meet most applications.

Hydrogen Refueling Stations

With decades of experience in hydrogen compression system integration, we are the preferred source for systems packaging for hydrogen station fueling applications. Customized HRS solutions include compression, storage, chilling, dispensing, controls, and safety functionality.

Complete System Integration

PDC is the ideal choice for supplying compressors or packaging HRS for fueling cars, buses, trucks and material handling equipment. Ready for delivery anywhere in the world.