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About Powerflex

PowerFlex, an EDF Renewables company, develops, deploys and manages industry leading large-scale electric vehicle charging systems using their Adaptive Charging Network (ACN) technology. Their patented technology enables fleets to optimize delivery of electricity to electric vehicles thus reducing or eliminating the need for costly utility upgrades by managing charging depending on fleet demand, building load, onsite generation and other variables.

Corporate Headquarters

392 1st Street
Los Altos, CA 94022

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Powerflex, an EDF Renewables Company

Powerflex, an EDF Renewables Distributed Solution, offers total site Integration with Solar + Storage + EV to meet customer needs.


EDF Renewables

35 Charging Stations

San Leandro Tech Center

39 Charging Stations


127 Charging Stations

EDF Renewables

35 Charging Stations

CUHSD – Westmont

30 Charging Stations

CUHSD – Prospect

40 Charging Stations

County of Los Angeles, Pasadena

45 Charging Stations


100 Charging Stations


24 Charging Stations


13 Charging Stations