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About ClipperCreek

ClipperCreek provides electric vehicle charging solutions to owners as well as businesses and government agencies looking to serve the needs of their fleet, employees, tenants or customers. We advance the plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market by providing reliable, durable, & affordable PEV charging solutions. The pioneers at ClipperCreek have been making charging stations since 1994, so we’ve produced many generations of independent safety laboratory certified products. Made in America.

Corporate Headquarters

11850 Kemper Rd.
Auburn, CA 95603

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ClipperCreek Dual Charging Station Installation

Charge 2 electric vehicles. One station. One Circuit. Double your vehicle charging capacity and save. The HCS-D is a 32A, Level 2 hardwired station that can charge two vehicles simultaneously on one circuit.


HCS-D50 Dual 40 Amp EV Charging Station

The HCS-D50 splits electricity between two vehicles, with up to 20A of electricity each when both are charging and up to 40A when one vehicle is charging.

ClipperCreek recently celebrated the sale of their 90,000th electric vehicle charging station produced and sold at their Auburn, CA manufacturing facility

This may put ClipperCreek in first place position by number of universal units sold. In addition, they are tier 2 OEM supplier for many major brands of electric vehicles and their technology is in hundreds of thousands of additional charging stations throughout the world.

HCS-40DR Ruggedized 32A Dual Charging Station

The HCS-D40R features two rubber overmolded crush and impact resistant J1772 universal connectors and a 5 year warranty as well as ClipperCreek’s standard best-in-class features including 25 foot charging cables, and a rugged, fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure.

ClipperCreek Ruggedized charging stations come in a variety of power levels

“Ruggedized” models feature rubber overmolded connectors for impact & crush resistance, field-replaceable connector latches, & 5 year warranties. They offer reliable, high-power, level 2 charging designed specifically for heavy utilization fleets, public parking lots, and extreme weather locations.