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Cimarron Composites, LLC

About Cimarron Composites, LLC

Established in 2008, Cimarron Composites, LLC, is located in Huntsville, Alabama. Constantly on the cutting-edge of composite technologies in both R&D and production, Cimarron Composites has produced a number of DOT, ISO, ASME, and ADR certified products on the market as well as a myriad of proprietary R&D aerospace projects. With several patented carbon-fiber technologies and trade-secret resins, Cimarron sets itself apart fulfilling both R&D and composite production.

Corporate Headquarters

4912 Moores Mill Road
Huntsville, AL 35806


Tom DeLay




Jupiter trailers ready to be delivered

Jupiter Gas Transport Trailers ready for delivery

Two Jupiter trailers ready for customer delivery from Cimarron Composites facility in Huntsville, AL

Cryo testing of composite tanks

Cryogenic testing preparation

Our Newest Hydrogen Gas Transport/Storage Container