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AKASOL is a leading German supplier of high-performance lithium-ion battery systems for buses, trucks, rail, marine, industrial vehicles and stationary applications. With over 30 years of experience, AKASOL is a pioneer in the development, manufacturing and validation of lithium-ion battery systems for commercial vehicle applications. In 2020, US subsidiary AKASOL Inc. launched serial manufacturing in Hazel Park, MI. The current installed capacity is 400 MWh, increasing to over 2 GWh in 2023.

Corporate Headquarters

1400 E. Ten Mile Road, Suite 150
Hazel Park, MI 48030


Patrick Crans

Sales Manager

(248) 790-9729

David Cochell

Marketing Specialist

(248) 790-9756

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AKASOL - Years of Trust - Our Customers

We develop our products to ensure they function as well in reality as on paper and can be used day in, day out. We value our long-standing relationships with our clients, the exchanging of ideas, and a continually expanding customer base.


AKASystem AKM CYC - Ultra High Performance Technology

The high-energy battery system AKASystem CYC uses new cylindrical-cell battery modules with very high energy density. It’s robust and scalable, and acquisition costs per kWh are comparatively low. This new technology will allow electric vehicles to increase their range by more than 60 percent.

AKASystem OEM PRC - Serial Technology for Various Applications

AKASOL is the first battery manufacturer in the world to offer a system that is compatible with the standardized PHEV modules of all major producers.

AKASystem AKM POC - Ultra High Power Technology

Robust, maintenance-free and fast-charging AKASystem AKM is ideal for use in commercial hybrid and electric vehicles with very high requirements when it comes to cycle life, performance and high system voltage.

AKARack PRC - The Flexible 48V Solution

The AKARack is revolutionary due to its characteristics – it offers very high energy and power density in combination with its flexible scalability. The AKARack is extremely robust and due to its compact design in 19'' format, making it very easy to integrate into a wide variety of vehicles.

AKASOL Fast-Charging Stations - Flexible Charging Infrastructure For E-Mobility Applications

The special feature of our system is that it can be operated flexibly on a power grid but autonomously as well, meaning no main connection and using only the battery systems it has on board. With the fast-charging station, four vehicles can be charged in parallel up to 300kW.