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Colorado Releases New Electric Vehicle Plan

April 29, 2020The Colorado Energy Office a non-regulatory department within  focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions has released the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan 2020.

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The Future of Battery-Electric Vehicles for Fleets

April 29, 2020Beyond the technological advancements considering vehicles running on unleaded gasoline or diesel, alternative-fueling technologies still very much have a place in the fleet space and are continuing to see technological advancements as well.

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Diagram of a hydrogen fuel cell

Global Hydrogen Launches New Fuel Cell Standards Website

April 29, 2020The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association has launched the centralized, global tracker of hydrogen and fuel cell regulations, codes and standards,

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The Unpaved Road to Commercializing Battery Electric Freight Trucks

Watch a recording of this webinar to gain insights from the Volvo LIGHTS team on how to pave the way for successful deployment of electric trucks.

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Clear blue skies and clean air in LA.

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How Much Clean Air Could $100 Million Buy?

April 28, 2020Using one of California’s most popular funding programs, let’s look at the impact that California could make in tackling its air quality and climate goals.

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Taking a Look Under the Hood of Electric Trucks

April 24, 2020The introduction of electric-­powered trucks represents a new frontier for the transportation industry, but this new breed of commercial vehicle will not be completely unfamiliar to fleets and maintenance shops.

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Image of Hyundai's H2 Xcient fuel cell trucks driving down a scenic road.

Deployment of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Trucks Will Require Fueling Networks, Clear Business Cases

April 24, 2020A hydrogen-powered commercial truck built by Hyundai will begin hauling groceries in Switzerland in April, representing the first of 1,600 fuel cell electric trucks that the manufacturer plans to deploy in the nation by 2025.

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USDOT Seeks to Make Automated Vehicles More Accessible to People with Disabilities

April 23, 2020The U. S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) opened the first stage of its Inclusive Design Challenge on Tuesday, offering a national prize for designs that make automated vehicles more accessible to those with disabilities

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U.S. Logistics Company Chooses CNG Trucks to Cut Greenhouse Gases

April 22, 2020Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation has ordered two CNG tractors for its subsidiary, Linden Bulk Transportation LLC.

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Image of four Wal Mart EV Chargers at a recharging station.

Fleets: The Road to Electrification

April 22, 2020As EV improvements continue and electrification funding expands, fleet managers find themselves in a unique position to make fleet replacement decisions that will have immense economic, environmental, and societal consequences.

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Clean Energy's Online Fuel Calculator

Clean Energy Launches Online Fuel Calculator

April 22, 2020Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has launched an online Cost Calculator that makes it quick and easy to estimate the cost of transitioning an individual vehicle or entire fleet from diesel fuel to natural gas, including the estimated carbon emissions reduction.

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Image of a medium duty electric battery van.

The New Frontier for Medium-Duty EV Innovation

April 22, 2020While the popularity of OEM passenger electric vehicles  has skyrocketed in recent years, medium- and heavy-duty commercial EV deployments are limited to pilots and small demonstration fleets.

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Business merger creates plant to manufacture CNG buses in Mexico

April 22, 2020As a result of the merger between Mexican Golden Star 4000 and Chinese Zhong Tong Bus, a natural gas-powered bus assembly plant is under development.

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Northern Spain: NGV municipal fleet refuels for free during Covid-19 crisis

April 21, 2020EMULSA’s  vehicles powered by natural gas are refueling for free at EDP’s eco station located in Roces, autonomous community of Asturias.

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Image of a Clean Energy brand CNG fueling station.

VW Settlement, Market Momentum Boost California Clean Truck Projects

April 15, 2020The producer of ACT Expo talks tailwinds and headwinds facing alternative fuel vehicle programs in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

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Image of a white propane autogas pick-up truck parked in an outside parking lot.

Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Retroactively Extended for Propane Autogas Vehicles

April 13, 2020The Propane Education & Research Council is encouraging propane autogas fleet operators to take advantage of the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit, which was recently passed by the U.S. Congress.

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