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Are Oil Markets Heading Into a ‘Decade of Disorder’?

November 30, 2017Oil prices are potentially set for a sharp increase and general unpredictability as global oil markets enter a “decade of disorder” in the 2020s.

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How EVs, Fuel Economy & Autonomy Could Significantly Alter Long-Term Oil Demand Outlook

November 19, 2017Production costs for electric vehicles (EVs) are falling, EV drivers are enjoying savings on fuel expenditures, and numerous governments remain committed to their growth longer term.

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Workhorse begins pilot testing drone-equipped vans

November 13, 2017Last-mile delivery service the target market for N-Gen all-electric van fitted with the optional ‘HorseFly’ drone.

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CSA Group Develops Hydrogen Fueling Station Testing Trailer

November 13, 2017CSA Group, an organization providing testing, inspection and certification services, has developed on-site evaluation testing equipment for hydrogen fueling stations.

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BMW takes steps to ensure more responsible production of cobalt

November 8, 2017And the dirty little secret of EVs is… cobalt. The metallic element is used in significant quantities in EV batteries.

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Stakeholder Coalition Aims to Slash U.S. Transportation Energy Use In Half

October 28, 2017The Alliance to Save Energy has chartered a national commission of business, government and society leaders to develop a pathway to reduce energy use in the U.S. transportation sector.

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Ready or Not, Driverless Technology Beginnings Already Here

October 26, 2017Some consumers say they are wary of a driverless car future, but a new survey says technology which will power that future is already available on most new vehicle models.

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ATA Adopts Automated Truck Policy

October 26, 2017The 21-point policy formally spells out ATA’s positions on the emergence of automated driving technologies in trucking.

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Jaguar, Land Rover Embrace Electrified Future

October 26, 2017Jaguar and Land Rover continue to recast their powertrain strategies with a migration toward 4- and 6-cyl. gasoline and diesel engines and a pledge of widespread electrification.

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NACFE Run on less fuel efficiency truck

Credible Information Key In Selecting The Right Fuel Saving Options

October 24, 2017In the information age we live in, lack of credible information should not be a barrier to improving fuel efficiency regardless of the power source keeping the wheels turning.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

Behind Closed Doors, China Grapples with Autonomous Vehicle Policy

October 23, 2017Although China has yet to pass autonomous vehicle legislation, behind the scenes lawmakers are moving to adopt uniform standards on testing to prepare for widespread commercialization.

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Human-Machine Interaction, Computing Power Key to Development of Autonomous Trucks

October 23, 2017To pave the way for autonomous trucks, technology developers will need to refine the interaction between the human and the machine.

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What Drives Driverless Trucks?

October 15, 2017When it comes to autonomous trucks and platooning driverless vehicles present clear economic benefits and improvements to freight hauling productivity, fuel efficiency and safety.

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How Old Trolley Technology is Powering the Trucks of Tomorrow

October 15, 2017Keeping electric trucks charged to work continuously remains one of the most vexing problems of green shipping and logistics.


Senate committee approves autonomous vehicle testing, excludes large commercial vehicles

October 15, 2017The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation approved legislation that authorizes testing and development of self-driving vehicles, excluding ones over 10,000 lbs.


Energy Department Announces $4M for Natural Gas Engine Research

October 15, 2017The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced up to $4 million for research projects on medium- and heavy-duty natural gas engine technologies.

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