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ELD Mandate will Increase Costs

July 31, 2017While ELDs should cut paperwork costs for truckers and possibly reduce their fuel consumption as well, they won’t come cheap.

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Landi Renzo: High Cost of Certifications in California Hurting Nat Gas Vehicle Industry

July 21, 2017Government officials in the Golden State have been rallying for quite some time to reduce emissions in well-traveled highway corridors.

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NTSB, NSC to Hold Open Meeting on ADAS Technology

July 20, 2017Advocates plan to speak at Illinois meeting about the heavy truck barriers and benefits of various advanced driver assistance systems.

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State Senate Unanimously Approves New Legislation for Large NGVs

June 12, 2017A bill to promote the use of cleaner-burning natural gas in larger vehicles was unanimously approved by the Pennsylvania State Senate last week.

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Senate Bill to Spur R&D for Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

May 23, 2017Further incentives to develop clean vehicle technology could soon be on the horizon.

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U.S. Senators Reintroduce Vehicle Innovation Act

May 19, 2017U.S. Senators have reintroduced the Vehicle Innovation Act, a bill to encourage investments in R&D of clean vehicle and advanced safety technologies.

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California Invests $600M in Zero-Emission Vehicles

May 4, 2017One major focus of these investments is to accelerate the market for the next generation of clean, heavy-duty trucks and buses.

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Fuel Economy Push Trumps Possible GHG Rollback

May 4, 2017Truck makers move development plans forward, prep for dramatic changes.

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Trucking Regs Update: Coming and Going in 2017

May 3, 2017Attendees of the National Private Truck Council’s Annual Conference got a rundown of the regulatory items motor carriers need to be aware of this year.

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Renewable Natural Gas: A Solution for Climate Protection and Economic Development

February 15, 2017California Legislature works to reduce GHGs and, arguably, contain the most promising advances for RNG in the industry’s short history.

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Clean Trucks Program

January 5, 2017The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have come together once again to update their joint Clean Air Action Plan and Clean Trucks Program. 

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