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Simplifying Alt Fuel Vehicle Procurement

January 8, 2018The new Fleets for the Future project is designed to overcome the most common barriers to alt fuel vehicle deployment by offering simplified, fuel-neutral cooperative procurement opportunities.

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California Bill Seeks Ban on Fossil-Fueled Vehicles by 2040

January 5, 2018California would ban the sale of new cars and trucks powered by fossil fuels in 2040 under legislation introduced Jan. 3 in the state legislature.

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Autonomous Vehicles Pose New Challenges to Future of Cybersecurity

December 19, 2017As artificial intelligence technology is making a future full of self-driving cars increasingly likely, hacking has become a serious potential concern.

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Hawaii Mayors Commit to 100% Renewable Ground Transportation

December 14, 2017On Tuesday, leaders from the City and County of Honolulu, Maui County, Hawaii County and Kauai County came together committing to transform Hawaii’s public and private ground transportation to 100% renewable fuel sources by 2045.

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ACT 101: What is Renewable Methane?

December 12, 2017There is a lot of conflicting information about what renewable methane is, how it is created, and whether or not it is a clean energy source.

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NGVAmerica Releases CNG Fuel System Inspection Guidance

December 12, 2017NGVAmerica released its recommended Compressed Natural Gas Fuel System Inspection Guidance document after two years of discussion and review.

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Technological Advances Entice Younger Drivers to Trucking Industry, Executives Say

December 8, 2017Advances in automation, safety features and telecommunication are improving jobs for truck drivers, attracting a new generation of workers, trucking executives told House lawmakers.

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California Bill in the Works to Banish Gasoline Cars by 2040

December 6, 2017A California lawmaker wants to put the state alongside China, France and the U.K. and have its legislature consider a ban on vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

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General Motors Says Self-Driving Taxi Fleets Coming in 2019

December 4, 2017Big fleets of robot taxis — with no backup drivers — from General Motors could hit the streets of San Francisco and other cities in less than two years, the company said Nov. 30.

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Are Oil Markets Heading Into a ‘Decade of Disorder’?

November 30, 2017Oil prices are potentially set for a sharp increase and general unpredictability as global oil markets enter a “decade of disorder” in the 2020s.

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Trucking Industry Split Over EPA Move to Ease Emissions Rules

November 21, 2017An Environmental Protection Agency plan to ease new emissions rules for part of the trucking business has set off a fight within the industry.


How EVs, Fuel Economy & Autonomy Could Significantly Alter Long-Term Oil Demand Outlook

November 19, 2017Production costs for electric vehicles (EVs) are falling, EV drivers are enjoying savings on fuel expenditures, and numerous governments remain committed to their growth longer term.

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Could Driverless Tech Mean Thousands of Trucking Jobs Lost? Probably Not

November 19, 2017Truck driving — one of the most in-demand and stable jobs in Ohio — could face major changes as the industry develops new automated, driverless technology.

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CSA Group Develops Hydrogen Fueling Station Testing Trailer

November 13, 2017CSA Group, an organization providing testing, inspection and certification services, has developed on-site evaluation testing equipment for hydrogen fueling stations.

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Electric School Buses in the Midwest?

November 8, 2017Manufacturers and clean energy advocates are hopeful the Midwestern market for electric school buses could ramp up thanks in part to funds available under the Volkswagen settlement.

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EV industry fights congressional plans to abolish federal EV tax credit

November 8, 2017The latest salvo in the US government’s war on technology is contained in a House bill that would eliminate the federal tax credit for EV purchases.

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