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Renewable Propane as a Sustainable Fuel Solution in California

August 22, 2017Renewable propane can be a key to help California develop a sustainable economy, where we recover clean energy by reusing materials regarded as waste.

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Nine Months In: An Update on CK-4/FA-4

August 7, 2017Adoption of API FA-4 oils is slow but should increase.

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Californian Dairy Announces ‘First’ Full Scale Electric Truck Fuelled by Biomethane

July 31, 2017The Straus Family Creamery in California announced the launch of the first full-scale electric truck powered by biomethane created from cow manure.

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Propane Market Share Increases as Fleet Operators Warm to Fuel’s Advantages

July 26, 2017Propane fuel continues to gain share as an alternative fuel choice for commercial vehicles.


Thomas Built Buses, Agility Fuel Solutions Partner on Propane

June 26, 2017A partnership between Agility Fuel Solutions and Thomas Built Buses will continue delivering to market the Saf-T-Liner C2 propane school bus.

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Western Washington Clean Cities Touts Alt-Fuel Vehicle Fleets

June 14, 2017Western Washington Clean Cities has announced that its partners and member fleets collectively saved 20.6 million gallons of petroleum last year.

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Mobile Fueling Service, Ride-Sharing Network Team Up

June 8, 2017Filld says its refueling service allows car2go vehicles to maintain adequate fuel levels for the frequent car-sharing trips they make daily.

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ACT Expo 2017 in Review

June 5, 2017Last month’s ACT Expo demonstrated the continued momentum taking place across the transportation industry to push forward low-carbon fuels, more efficient technologies and fleet sustainability.

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L.A. Metro Selects Clean Energy’s Redeem Fuel for CNG Bus Fleet

May 26, 2017The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has awarded Clean Energy an RNG contract to fuel its fleet of transit buses.

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Ryder Begins Offering Renewable Diesel Fuel at California Location

May 22, 2017Ryder System Inc has begun to offer renewable diesel (RD) fuel, at its San Francisco CA fueling facility.

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Agility Expands into Propane Autogas Market with New Unit

May 3, 2017Agility Fuel Solutions has announced it is broadening its product portfolio by entering the propane autogas market.

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ACT Expo Sets 2017 Program

March 7, 2017The stage is set for the 2017 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, the conference will feature the increasing array of commercially available and rapidly developing technologies for sustainable fleet operations.

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The Potential of Renewable Diesel for Your Fleet

Learn about the vehicle emission benefits of renewable diesel and how it differs from biodiesel.

The Potential – and Challenges – of Renewable Diesel Fuel for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

January 10, 2017Renewable diesel is an emerging replacement fuel for today’s heavy-duty diesel engines.

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Cleaning Up Landfills

December 7, 2016Fighting smog and climate change are not mutually exclusive objectives. In fact, we can accomplish both simultaneously, while also addressing methane issues associated with landfill gas.

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