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Propane autogas fuels nearly 600 Nestlé delivery trucks

December 12, 2017The company will continue to replace older delivery vehicles with propane autogas to reach its goal of operating 52 percent on the alternative fuel by 2019.


NGVAmerica Releases CNG Fuel System Inspection Guidance

December 12, 2017NGVAmerica released its recommended Compressed Natural Gas Fuel System Inspection Guidance document after two years of discussion and review.

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What exactly is ‘autogas’?

December 7, 2017Propane is well suited for a variety of applications, such as barbeque grills, home heating, generators, forklifts and more. Around the globe, it is referred to as “autogas” for on-road transportation.

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Tri Delta Transit Goes All-In with Neste MY Renewable Diesel

December 7, 2017Tri Delta Transit, which provides public transportation in Eastern Contra Costa County, Calif., has switched its entire fleet from petroleum diesel to using Neste MY Renewable Diesel.

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Toyota Plans Giant Hydrogen Generation Plant for Truck Project

December 4, 2017Toyota will build the world’s first megawatt-scale hydrogen power station at the Port of Long Beach in So Cal, along with a fueling station that generates hydrogen from renewable sources.


Are Oil Markets Heading Into a ‘Decade of Disorder’?

November 30, 2017Oil prices are potentially set for a sharp increase and general unpredictability as global oil markets enter a “decade of disorder” in the 2020s.

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Ryder and Clean Energy Partner on LNG for Hauling Toyota Parts

November 21, 2017Ryder has awarded Clean Energy a four-year fueling contract for a fleet of liquefied natural gas heavy-duty trucks that move goods for Toyota’s largest manufacturing facility.

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Renewable Diesel Maker Neste Lines Up Four Calif. Distributors

November 21, 2017Houston-based Neste US Inc. has announcedexclusive partnerships with four fuel distributors in California to provide public and private fleets access to Neste MY Renewable Diesel.

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How EVs, Fuel Economy & Autonomy Could Significantly Alter Long-Term Oil Demand Outlook

November 19, 2017Production costs for electric vehicles (EVs) are falling, EV drivers are enjoying savings on fuel expenditures, and numerous governments remain committed to their growth longer term.

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CSA Group Develops Hydrogen Fueling Station Testing Trailer

November 13, 2017CSA Group, an organization providing testing, inspection and certification services, has developed on-site evaluation testing equipment for hydrogen fueling stations.

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UPS to Convert Diesel Trucks to Electric in NYC

November 13, 2017UPS Inc. is planning to convert its package delivery trucks from diesel to electric using new technology in New York City.

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California Truckers to Pay 20¢ More a Gallon for Diesel Starting Nov. 1

November 3, 2017Beginning Nov. 1, drivers across California can expect to pay an extra 12 cents per gallon for gasoline at the pump, and an extra 20 cents per gallon for diesel.

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Exxon Not Threatened by Electric Cars, Says Trucks Are ‘Where the Real Action Is’

November 3, 2017Exxon Mobil Corp. says the existential threat to oil producers from electric cars is overblown.

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Pennsylvania Continues Expansion of CNG Fueling Station Network

November 2, 2017Committed to expand the natural gas vehicle sector statewide, Pennsylvania opened a CNG fueling station as part of its public-private initiative to eventually create a network of 29 stations.

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L.A., Long Beach ports adopt plan to slash air pollution and go zero-emissions

November 2, 2017The nation’s largest port complex approved a plan to slash air pollution by phasing-out of diesel trucks in favor of natural gas and, ultimately, zero-emissions trucks and cargo-handling equipment.

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Clean Energy Providing Natural Gas to More USPS Carriers

October 31, 2017Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has signed multiple natural gas fueling agreements with USPS contract-carriers in Florida, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

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