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Opportunities, Barriers for Truck Platooning

May 5, 2017Platooning technology could offer a major step forward in cutting truck emissions as well as bring significant improvements to highway safety.

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US Hybrid Jumps into Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Arena

May 4, 2017Plans have been announced to deploy fuel cell Class 8 drayage trucks to move containers at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach this year.


Electric Bus Manufacturer Begins Autonomous Program in U.S.

May 4, 2017Proterra has announced the company is initiating an autonomous bus program with the University of Nevada, Reno, and its Living Lab Coalition partners.

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California Invests $600M in Zero-Emission Vehicles

May 4, 2017One major focus of these investments is to accelerate the market for the next generation of clean, heavy-duty trucks and buses.

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Fuel Economy Push Trumps Possible GHG Rollback

May 4, 2017Truck makers move development plans forward, prep for dramatic changes.

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Florida Propane School Bus Case Study Shared at ACT Expo

May 4, 2017Attendees at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo heard a case study on propane school bus adoption by Pasco County Schools north of Tampa Bay, FL.

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Lightning Hybrids: Product Expansion, Name Change and New Headquarters

May 4, 2017Lightning Hybrids announced that its undergone a name-change as it moves to expand its product line-up and transitions to larger headquarters.

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San Diego Makes Progress on Major Plans for CNG Truck Fleet

May 3, 2017The City of San Diego has taken a major step toward switching its fleet of refuse and recycling collection trucks from diesel fuel to CNG.

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Agility Expands into Propane Autogas Market with New Unit

May 3, 2017Agility Fuel Solutions has announced it is broadening its product portfolio by entering the propane autogas market.

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Trucking Regs Update: Coming and Going in 2017

May 3, 2017Attendees of the National Private Truck Council’s Annual Conference got a rundown of the regulatory items motor carriers need to be aware of this year.

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Advanced Electric Motor is Heart of UPS Fuel Cell Delivery Truck

May 2, 2017The “switched reluctance” motor uses fewer parts, costs less to manufacture, and causes the trucks to handle better.


Kenworth To Build Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell and CNG-Electric Hybrid Drayage Trucks

May 2, 2017Truck builder Kenworth is jumping into the hydrogen fuel cell race with a Class 8 drayage truck it expects to launch by the end of this year.


UPS Launching World’s First Fuel Cell Electric Class 6 Delivery Truck

May 2, 2017The van was developed as part of a $10-million federal Department of Energy program.


First Drive: Workhorse W-15 Electric Pickup Truck Offers Speed and Utility

May 2, 2017The electric pickup truck vying to be first to the commercial market has quite a pulse.


Study: RNG in Transportation Boosts Jobs, Economy for California

May 2, 2017A study revealed that deploying trucks fueled by RNG could create up to 130,000 new jobs and add $14 billion to California’s economy.

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Near-Zero Emission Vehicles

April 5, 2017We are seeing trucks with incredibly clean engines roll off the assembly line and into fleet operations across the nation.

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