Fuel / Technology: Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Joining Forces to Accelerate Green Fleet Adoption

September 12, 2017If you’re looking to green your fleet in a way that’s good for both the environment and the business, you don’t have to go about it alone.

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Truck Fuel Calculator Covers Alt-Fuel Cost Comparisons for Fleets

August 16, 2017ACT Research’s Truck Fuel Calculator now covers operating cost comparisons between diesel, natural gas, hydrogen fuel cell and electric.

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States Setting VW Settlement Priorities

August 11, 2017Timing is everything for fleets to take full advantage of Volkswagen settlement funds.

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ACT Expo 2017 in Review

June 5, 2017Last month’s ACT Expo demonstrated the continued momentum taking place across the transportation industry to push forward low-carbon fuels, more efficient technologies and fleet sustainability.

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2017 ACT Expo Points to New Directions for Heavy-Duty Trucks

June 1, 2017ACT Expo saw buzz about electric and fuel cell trucks as some major companies are entering the market and smaller ones have products in development.

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General Motors’ Fuel Cell Chief Sees Hydrogen’s Future on Land, Sea and in the Air

May 22, 2017A discussion with Charles Freese, GM’s global head of fuel cell development.

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Ballard to Provide Fuel Cell Engine for Class 8 Kenworth Hybrid Truck

May 17, 2017Ballard Power Systems’ FCveloCity-HD 85 kW fuel cell engine will power a hybrid Class 8 drayage truck built by Kenworth Truck Co.

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US Hybrid Wins Caltrans Order for Fuel Cell Street Sweepers

May 17, 2017US Hybrid Corp. has received an order from Global Environmental Product to produce hydrogen fuel cell-powered street sweepers for Caltrans.

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The VW Settlement: Aligning Your Vehicle Deployment Goals with State Priorities

May 17, 2017Even with the legal processes surrounding the Volkswagen settlements wrapping up, state agencies and fleets alike are still left with many unanswered question.

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ACT Expo Notebook: Study Touts RNG, Workhorse Unveils Electric Pickup

May 9, 2017Recently completed annual event featured many product and company updates.

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California Celebrates Emissions-Funding Milestone at ACT Expo

May 8, 2017Throughout ACT Expo, numerous officials from CARB made it explicitly clear the agency would not be deterred from its future emissions-reduction plans.

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US Hybrid Jumps into Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Arena

May 4, 2017Plans have been announced to deploy fuel cell Class 8 drayage trucks to move containers at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach this year.

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California Invests $600M in Zero-Emission Vehicles

May 4, 2017One major focus of these investments is to accelerate the market for the next generation of clean, heavy-duty trucks and buses.

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Advanced Electric Motor is Heart of UPS Fuel Cell Delivery Truck

May 2, 2017The “switched reluctance” motor uses fewer parts, costs less to manufacture, and causes the trucks to handle better.

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Kenworth To Build Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell and CNG-Electric Hybrid Drayage Trucks

May 2, 2017Truck builder Kenworth is jumping into the hydrogen fuel cell race with a Class 8 drayage truck it expects to launch by the end of this year.

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UPS Launching World’s First Fuel Cell Electric Class 6 Delivery Truck

May 2, 2017The van was developed as part of a $10-million federal Department of Energy program.

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