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Virginia Surpasses Governor’s Alt-Fuel Vehicle Goal

July 27, 2017Gov. Terry McAuliffe, D-Va., announced that 319 state and local government vehicles have been transitioned to alternative fuel in Virginia.

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Trucking Firms Shouldn’t Ignore Current Fuel Efficiency Technology

July 20, 2017We shouldn’t lose sight of the freight hauling efficiency technology that is available today.

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IEA Study: Improved Efficiency ‘Critical’ for Road-Freight Transport

July 3, 2017The IEA’s latest report states that improving road-freight transport efficiency is critical to reducing growth in oil demand and carbon emission.

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ACT Expo 2017 in Review

June 5, 2017Last month’s ACT Expo demonstrated the continued momentum taking place across the transportation industry to push forward low-carbon fuels, more efficient technologies and fleet sustainability.

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Senate Bill to Spur R&D for Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

May 23, 2017Further incentives to develop clean vehicle technology could soon be on the horizon.

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U.S. Senators Reintroduce Vehicle Innovation Act

May 19, 2017U.S. Senators have reintroduced the Vehicle Innovation Act, a bill to encourage investments in R&D of clean vehicle and advanced safety technologies.

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Opportunities, Barriers for Truck Platooning

May 5, 2017Platooning technology could offer a major step forward in cutting truck emissions as well as bring significant improvements to highway safety.

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Fuel Economy Push Trumps Possible GHG Rollback

May 4, 2017Truck makers move development plans forward, prep for dramatic changes.

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Lightning Hybrids: Product Expansion, Name Change and New Headquarters

May 4, 2017Lightning Hybrids announced that its undergone a name-change as it moves to expand its product line-up and transitions to larger headquarters.

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ACT Expo Sets 2017 Program

March 7, 2017The stage is set for the 2017 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, the conference will feature the increasing array of commercially available and rapidly developing technologies for sustainable fleet operations.

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