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Autonomous-Driving Startup Pony.ai Takes on Last-Mile Delivery

April 21, 2020Pony.ai has teamed up with Los Angeles-based e-commerce site Yamibuy to deliver packages and groceries in the city of Irvine, Calif. Yamibuy specializes in Asian foods and home goods.

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Image of a white heavy-duty autonomous truck by Starsky driving on a freeway.

Commentary: Real trucking factors in autonomous vehicle development

April 15, 2020I was fortunate to be the operational leader in an autonomous truck development company by the name of Starsky Robotics. Starsky was a Silicon Valley-based start-up with an extremely talented engineering team and clear path for technology advancement.

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3D image of a sedan driving down a city street. Graphics of radiating waves emanating from the sedan represent electronic signals from an Automated vehicles computer system.

TuSimple, ZF Develop Technology for Autonomous Trucks

March 27, 2020TuSimple, a global autonomous trucking technology company, has established a partnership with ZF, an automotive supplier, to develop and commercialize technology for autonomous trucks.

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A Starsky Robotics heavy duty vocational freight truck drives along a freeway.

What autonomous truck startups can learn from Starsky’s failure

March 23, 2020Starsky was somewhat atypical in what it was building. The company focused on building an autonomous system that allowed a truck to drive unoccupied on roadways, but it would always be monitored by a remote driver. That driver would use video cameras and vehicle controls such as a steering wheel to take control of the...

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Nuro autonomous vehicle delivery van parked on street with its doors open.

Image: Nuro

US Revises Passenger Safety Rules for Autonomous Vehicles

March 17, 2020The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it’s seeking comment on proposed updated standards to account for vehicles that don’t have manual controls such as steering wheels or brake pedals. Autonomous vehicles also may not have drivers sitting in the traditional driver’s seat.

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Orange colored Udelv autonomous delivery van loads cargo into its storage bay.

How to Lease an Autonomous Delivery Van

March 17, 2020This year, autonomous robotics company Nuro received USDOT regulatory exemption for R2, its Zero Occupant Vehicle (ZOV), a new designation of driverless vehicle that is purpose-built to transport cargo only.

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Yellow heavy duty autonomous truck driving down a dirt road

Mining Industry Laboratory for Self-Driving Tech

March 17, 2020The mining industry is an excellent testing field for AVs. With few people likely to get in the way of vehicles transporting coal, ore and other items, programmers can improve the accuracy, efficiency and safety of autonomous technology.

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Artificial intelligence is critical in today’s workflow solutions

February 4, 2020The transportation industry is in the midst of an artificial intelligence (AI) renaissance. Everything from workflow solutions to fleet management and financial decisions can be streamlined using an AI-based automated content management system (CMS).

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Transportation Heavy Hitters Form ACT Fleet Forum

January 9, 2020Major U.S.-based fleets have joined together to form the ACT Fleet Forum, an educational initiative that allows participants to share best practices on clean transportation technologies.

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Autonomous Truck Makes Coast-to-Coast Run for Land O'Lakes

December 12, 2019An SAE-Level-4 autonomous truck recently completed a coast-to-coast commercial freight run hauling refrigerated freight for Land O’Lakes.

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Paola Santana_Social Glass

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Two Companies, One Woman, Leading the Way with Drone Technology and AI

November 26, 2019Paola Santana of Social Glass discusses how advanced technologies, such as AI and drones, can help tackle today’s largest transportation issues.

The Future of Fleet is Here, at ACT Expo

November 20, 2019ACT Expo showcases the applications of the latest transportation technologies, drivetrains, and clean fuels.

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Image: US DOT

How Can Connectivity Improve Trucking Efficiencies?

Learn how connectivity can improve trucking efficiency in this one-hour webinar, presented in partnership with NACFE.

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Disrupt to sustain: Where we’re headed with AVs

October 4, 2019With the testing, and theories being proven, AVs are going to drive trucks better than humans could.

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Self-Driving Tech Developer Aims for 24/7 Trucking

October 2, 2019The ultimate goal of autonomous trucking has remained constant: Around-the-clock fleet operations with trucks stopping only for fuel and maintenance.  

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USPS investigating drone delivery options

October 1, 2019The US Postal Service (USPS) wants feedback from drone operators that could provide drone capability to the agency as it looks to advance its mail delivery fleet.

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