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The Future of Fleet is Here, at ACT Expo

November 20, 2019ACT Expo showcases the applications of the latest transportation technologies, drivetrains, and clean fuels.

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How Can Connectivity Improve Trucking Efficiencies?

Learn how connectivity can improve trucking efficiency in this one-hour webinar, presented in partnership with NACFE.

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Disrupt to sustain: Where we’re headed with AVs

October 4, 2019With the testing, and theories being proven, AVs are going to drive trucks better than humans could.

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Self-Driving Tech Developer Aims for 24/7 Trucking

October 2, 2019The ultimate goal of autonomous trucking has remained constant: Around-the-clock fleet operations with trucks stopping only for fuel and maintenance.  

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USPS investigating drone delivery options

October 1, 2019The US Postal Service (USPS) wants feedback from drone operators that could provide drone capability to the agency as it looks to advance its mail delivery fleet.

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Ford acquires defense contractor to get robot rides on the road

July 30, 2019Ford just acquired Quantum Signal AI, a firm working with the U.S. military on remote-controlled sentinel robots.

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Port Report: Los Angeles looks at how to head off cyberattacks

July 25, 2019The Port of Los Angeles is a test bed for the latest in logistics technology, and a target for the threats facing that technology.

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Automated terminals the fastest option for trucking containers

July 22, 2019The ability of marine terminals to move ocean containers quickly is becoming a selling point for shippers frustrated with long delays seen at U.S. ports during the second half of 2018. And one of the fastest terminals on the U.S. West Coast says it is ready for the upcoming peak season.

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Closing The Gap: Legislatures Urged to Address Truck Platooning Laws

July 20, 2019Despite some OEMs backing away, truck platooning appears to remain on track as an autonomous truck technology with considerable potential for boosting fleet fuel economy, safety and productivity.

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Refraction AI Startup Plans Robotic Delivery Vehicles for Bike Lanes

July 12, 2019Refraction AI, a robotic delivery startup, plans a lightweight delivery robot for both bike lanes and roads.

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ELD data and artificial intelligence create a new era of driver efficiency

June 28, 2019Freight matching apps are quickly becoming must-have tools for owner-operators and small fleets looking for loads or to fill backhaul gaps. That wouldn’t be possible without advancements in technologies like artificial intelligence.

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Pittsburgh Tech Firm Argo AI, Carnegie Mellon Team on Autonomous Research Center

June 27, 2019Carnegie Mellon University is teaming with a Pittsburgh self-driving vehicle company to create a research center geared toward handling challenging road conditions, including changing weather patterns and construction zones.

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Volvo Trucks Wants To Know If You’re Going To Cross That Street

June 20, 2019Sensors, cameras, and connected devices in an autonomous vehicle can analyze a situation and determine what a car should do: brake, turn or speed up. But what if the AV could recognize something that hasn’t happened?

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Boxbot Reveals Details of Autonomous Last-Mile Delivery System

June 6, 2019Mobility startup Boxbot unveiled an autonomous delivery system it hopes will reinvent the way packages arrive at homes and businesses.

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ACES Mobility

What does ACES Mobility Mean for Transportation?

May 30, 2019ACES mobility technologies – automated, connected, electric, shared – have the potential to improve congestion, reduce air pollution and create more affordable transportation.

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European Guidelines Highlight Need to Regulate Truck AI

May 23, 2019As it seeks to help businesses develop trustworthy and ethical artificial intelligence, the European Commission issued a document outlining rules and regulations for the technology’s development.

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