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About Stäubli

Stäubli, a leading global manufacturer of quick-release coupling systems for use in Alternative Fuels, Automotive, and the IT/liquid cooling markets, has more than 200 employees specializing in Connectors, Robotics, and Textiles. Our North American headquarters is located Duncan, SC, with offices in Novi, MI; Queretaro, Mexico; and Windsor, CA. In addition to 24/7 customer support, each of these facilities offers trainings and dedicated on-site technical experts ready to help.

Corporate Headquarters

201 Parkway West
PO Box 189

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Why using the Stäubli GPV 14 self-service nozzle is the safest way to refuel your car in LPG

This LPG refueling nozzle is lightweight, ergonomic and just as easy to use as a standard gasoline nozzle. The Stäubli flat-surface anti-emission technology guarantees very low levels of gas leakage into the atmosphere and eliminates any risk of burning.


Self-service type 1 nozzle for refueling with natural gas GMV 06

Ergonomic and easy to use, the GMV 06 refueling nozzles are ideal for self-service filling CNG vehicles with ANSI/CSA NGV1 and ISO14469 plug profiles. The Stäubli GMV 06 nozzles for natural gas guarantee perfect safety for operators and installations.

Type 1 nozzles for fast refueling with natural gas GMV 12

This nozzles combine absolute safety with ease of use, making them ideal for CNG self-service stations. The circuit can be opened in a single action by turning the lever, while an integrated decompression system ensures safe disconnection every time.

Safe nozzle CMV type 2-3 for refueling with natural gas

These CMV fueling nozzles offer a simple and economical solution for refueling vehicle fleets. Automatic locking allows very quick connection, while a large contact area prevents damage to filling receptacles.

In-line breakaway safety for refueling with natural gas BRW

Positioned between the dispenser and the nozzle, the reliable BRW 02 and 08 breakaway couplings ensure that the hose will safely separate and close the circuit if the car drives off with the nozzle still connected. Disconnection is automatic, whether the system is pressurized or not.

Receptacle mounted on natural gas vehicles for safe CNG refueling GMV

The design of these Stäubli CNG receptacles is geared to user safety and comfort, allowing silent filling. Quality construction and materials guarantee reliability and longevity.

High flow nozzle for hydrogen refueling of electrical vehicles CHV

Light and very simple to use, the CHV Stäubli nozzle is an economical solution for professionals as well as individuals for hydrogen refueling of all types of vehicles fitted with a SAE J2600 or ISO 17268 H 35 receptacles.

Inline safety break-away BRH for electric vehicles powered by hydrogen

Fitted to the refueling line, the Stäubli BRH breakaway couplings enable automatic circuit shutdown in the event the car starts and the nozzle is still connected, whether the system is pressurized or not. The breakaway safety fittings are also reusable and can safely be reconnected.

Safe self-service nozzle for LPG vehicles GPV 14

The lightweight, ergonomic Stäubli LPG nozzle is as easy to use as a standard gasoline nozzle. It is designed for completely safe maneuverability, with no risk of fire due to gas venting, while automatic operation minimizes the risk of mishandling.

BRW Inline safety break-away for vehicles powered by LPG

The Stäubli BRW breakaway instantly disconnects and automatically cuts the circuit off when excessive stress is placed on the fueling hose. It protects vehicles and installations, and ensures user safety by preventing gas from leaking into the atmosphere. Being easy to install and reconnect, with no