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Mazda: Let Real World Pick Powertrain Winners

August 1, 2017Mazda believes automakers are in the best position to choose the right powertrain solutions that meet consumer needs and government clean-air mandates.

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Fleets, Cars Hold Down Ford’s July U.S. Tally

August 1, 2017The automaker posted a strong retail result, with volume down just 1% on strong utility and pickup demand.

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Virginia Surpasses Governor’s Alt-Fuel Vehicle Goal

July 27, 2017Gov. Terry McAuliffe, D-Va., announced that 319 state and local government vehicles have been transitioned to alternative fuel in Virginia.

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FCA Flips Electric Switch

July 27, 2017The pace of electrification at FCA may pick up now that CEO Sergio Marchionne is embracing hybrids and EVs as a replacement for diesels.

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Hyundai Goals: Reinvigorate Sonata, Resist Fleet

July 18, 2017Production data shows Sonata builds were down 13.9% in the U.S. through May.

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Nissan Fortifying Autonomous-Driving Position

June 22, 2017Nissan product planning chief Phillipe Klein says the automaker will be ready to match technologies to the value consumers place on them.

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EVs Can Go with the FLO

June 13, 2017One company in Canada is setting out to ease new electric car owners’ transitions to the EV lifestyle. 

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GM Calls New Batch of Self-Driving EVs Industry First

June 13, 2017The latest-generation autonomous Chevy Bolt EV began rolling off the line January with GM’s newest self-driving technology.

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Hyundai’s Chung: Slowing Sales Opportunity to Leap Forward

June 13, 2017The Hyundai vice chairman says the new Kona B-CUV will get EV and FCEV versions next year in Korea.

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Confidence Key to Driverless Rollout, Oz Agency Says

June 12, 2017Building consumer, industry and regulatory confidence in autonomous-vehicle technologies is the key to their successful introduction.

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Mobile Fueling Service, Ride-Sharing Network Team Up

June 8, 2017Filld says its refueling service allows car2go vehicles to maintain adequate fuel levels for the frequent car-sharing trips they make daily.

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Worldwide EV Car Population Tops Two Million

June 8, 2017The International Energy Agency reported recently that after a year of strong growth, the total number of electric cars has passed two million.

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ACT Expo 2017 in Review

June 5, 2017Last month’s ACT Expo demonstrated the continued momentum taking place across the transportation industry to push forward low-carbon fuels, more efficient technologies and fleet sustainability.

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The VW Settlement: Aligning Your Vehicle Deployment Goals with State Priorities

May 17, 2017Even with the legal processes surrounding the Volkswagen settlements wrapping up, state agencies and fleets alike are still left with many unanswered question.

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California Celebrates Emissions-Funding Milestone at ACT Expo

May 8, 2017Throughout ACT Expo, numerous officials from CARB made it explicitly clear the agency would not be deterred from its future emissions-reduction plans.

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ACT Expo Sets 2017 Program

March 7, 2017The stage is set for the 2017 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, the conference will feature the increasing array of commercially available and rapidly developing technologies for sustainable fleet operations.

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