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London Launches Retrofit Program to Upgrade 5,000 Buses to Low-Emissions Standard

July 3, 2017London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that London’s older, most polluting buses will see their emissions cut and over half its bus fleet will be upgraded.

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LA Metro Approves Massive Order for 295 Renewable CNG Buses

June 22, 2017The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has voted to purchase 295 40-foot CNG buses, which will be fueled by RNG.

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Proterra Closes on $55M Funding to Advance Electric Mass Transit Industry

June 13, 2017Proterra has closed a $55 million Series 6 round to increase production and support research and development for the electric mass transit industry.

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Confidence Key to Driverless Rollout, Oz Agency Says

June 12, 2017Building consumer, industry and regulatory confidence in autonomous-vehicle technologies is the key to their successful introduction.

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ACT Expo 2017 in Review

June 5, 2017Last month’s ACT Expo demonstrated the continued momentum taking place across the transportation industry to push forward low-carbon fuels, more efficient technologies and fleet sustainability.

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New Flyer to Deliver 12 Xcelsior CNG Buses to City of Phoenix

June 2, 2017The City of Phoenix exercised options for 40-foot and 60-foot articulated heavy-duty Xcelsior buses, a number of which run on natural gas.

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2017 ACT Expo Points to New Directions for Heavy-Duty Trucks

June 1, 2017ACT Expo saw buzz about electric and fuel cell trucks as some major companies are entering the market and smaller ones have products in development.

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Nova Bus Deploys Fully Electric Buses on Montreal Streets

May 30, 2017Nova Bus has supplied 100% electric buses to Montreal, aiming to make the city a showcase for technologies associated with electromobility.

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L.A. Metro Selects Clean Energy’s Redeem Fuel for CNG Bus Fleet

May 26, 2017The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has awarded Clean Energy an RNG contract to fuel its fleet of transit buses.

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The VW Settlement: Aligning Your Vehicle Deployment Goals with State Priorities

May 17, 2017Even with the legal processes surrounding the Volkswagen settlements wrapping up, state agencies and fleets alike are still left with many unanswered question.

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California Energy Commission Grant to Advance Electric Bus Fleet Systems

May 12, 2017The CEC awarded $2 million to Prospect Silicon Valley to research, develop and demonstrate an energy management system for electric bus fleets.

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Electric Bus Manufacturer Begins Autonomous Program in U.S.

May 4, 2017Proterra has announced the company is initiating an autonomous bus program with the University of Nevada, Reno, and its Living Lab Coalition partners.

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California Invests $600M in Zero-Emission Vehicles

May 4, 2017One major focus of these investments is to accelerate the market for the next generation of clean, heavy-duty trucks and buses.

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Trucking Regs Update: Coming and Going in 2017

May 3, 2017Attendees of the National Private Truck Council’s Annual Conference got a rundown of the regulatory items motor carriers need to be aware of this year.

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Near-Zero Emission Vehicles

April 5, 2017We are seeing trucks with incredibly clean engines roll off the assembly line and into fleet operations across the nation.

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ACT Expo Sets 2017 Program

March 7, 2017The stage is set for the 2017 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, the conference will feature the increasing array of commercially available and rapidly developing technologies for sustainable fleet operations.

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